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Scale inline SVG proportionally using calc() and var()

Posted at — Jun 5, 2019

It turns out that SVG art scales differently depending on whether it’s inline in the page, or referenced externally as a file…! Why this should is makes no sense to me, but here’s a simple way to scale SVG correctly, proportionately, using just CSS:

In brief:

  1. I define a priori the target width and actual ratio of the existing art using CSS variables
  2. Use CSS3’s calc() function with the width and ratio vars to simply calculate the proportional target height
  3. Now just set .your_svg { width: var(--width); height: var(--height);

Hover over the SVG art below, then click the SCSS and JS tabs to see how it works.

The above pen also demonstrates:

  • blockframing, a technique for mocking and approximating real content,
  • base64 asset encoding